Our Mission

Eyelation’s core philosophy is to offer a program that is simple, saves time, and is easy to manage.

How We Started

Seeing a need for businesses to provide a simple, accurate, cost-effective, and 24/7 solution for prescription safety eyewear, Eyelation was launched in 2009. Since its inception, Eyelation has been providing an innovative safety eyewear program to companies throughout the United States and Canada.

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Where We Are Today

Since our first kiosk placement in 2011, we’ve grown to service 400+ locations.


Brad Kirschner


Prior to developing Eyelation, Brad spent the majority of his career working in different capacities of his family’s optometric practice in the Chicago area. He was fortunate enough to be exposed to every aspect of the optical business, including overseeing a program that provided prescription safety eyewear to local companies.

Over time Brad realized that companies needed a better way to provide employees with prescription safety glasses. He founded Eyelation in 2009 as the majority owner, with Drs. Paul and Ken Kirschner (his father and uncle respectively), and began to develop his concept for an eyewear kiosk. He knew he needed to be able to take accurate measurements for fitting, and allow users to provide their doctor’s signed prescription. It also needed to manage company safety benefits in a simple, self-service format.

After a number of false starts, Brad hired an in-house software development team and finally started rolling with his plan. From the very first placement in 2011, Eyelation has grown to 400 kiosks today with placements in companies across the US and Canada. Eyelation has seven figure sales in safety eyewear and continues to grow, working with numerous Fortune 500 companies both in partnership and for utilization of the program. Brad is a “jack-of-all-trades” and likes it that way. The most gratifying part of the experience for him has been having others share in the vision that he had years back. Brad is proud of how Eyelation has revolutionized an entire industry that was unchanged for so many years.