RX Safety Glasses Program

RX Safety Glasses Program

Eyelation’s innovative system uses web-based technology to simply and affordably bring prescription safety glasses to every employee, on every shift, at every location.

With Eyelation, companies provide employees with 24/7 access to the largest selection of prescription safety eyewear. Employees can quickly and conveniently order glasses using Eyelation’s user-friendly kiosk, which guides them through the simple, three-step ordering process. Employees select the proper level of protection because frame selections can be customized by location or departments.

Simplify your program.

Program administrators save time with the Eyelation system because they quickly and easily monitor safety compliance, review order details, view registered users and eligibility, and run cost reports using the administrator website. The Eyelation system eliminates the need for complex forms, panel doctors, and special visits.

Getting the right fit.

An Eyelation optician reviews each order to ensure best fit and compatibility of the prescription with the frame. Once the optician takes the necessary measurements, glasses are ordered based on the individual’s needs.

We stand by our quality.

Eyelation has a 30-day guarantee on all eyeglasses ordered through the kiosk. During this 30-day period, a customer may send his/her glasses back to Eyelation one time, at Eyelation’s expense, for exchange or full refund.