What if I don’t like my glasses or they don’t fit correctly?

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and one-year frame warranty. Call 888.308.4713 and we will send you a free shipping label for hassle-free returns.

Click here for our full Return and Exchange Policy.

Do you offer a warranty on the lenses?

When the Ultra Hard Coating or the Anti-Fog coating is purchased, the lenses have a one-year warranty. If the lenses become scratched within one year of purchase, a customer can return them one time to have the lenses replaced.  Otherwise, we don’t warranty lenses against scratches because of the nature of the work environment.

What if I have a question while I am at the kiosk?

Call 888.308.4713 and we can help you right there. We can answer any question immediately or even take over your process remotely. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm (CST).

Is my log in card pre-loaded with a dollar amount?

The login cards are used so that you can easily log in at the kiosk. They are encoded with a username and password, which is tied to our database where the benefit information is stored, but no dollar amount is stored on the actual card. You should hold on to your card so they can log back in to the kiosk at any time.

Does the kiosk automatically take measurements and process my order for me?

The kiosk does not take measurements; rather one of Eyelation’s opticians reviews every order and manually takes measurements before processing any order. If there are questions with an order, one of the opticians will contact you.

What if I lost my log in card and need to order my safety glasses?

Contact Eyelation Customer Service or your Safety Administrator to request a new card and get your log in information. If you want to order before your replacement card arrives, you can type in your username and password at the kiosk to log in and place an order.

Why is it so important to have properly fit prescription safety glasses?

Properly fit prescription safety glasses allow employees to see well in the work place. With better vision comes fewer mistakes and consequently a safer work environment.

How accurate are the measurements taken by the kiosk?

It is important to remember that although the kiosk software rescales your image so that you can virtually try-on glasses, an actual optician reviews orders and takes measurements digitally for EVERY order.  Measurements are equally as accurate as those taken in a doctor’s office.

Can I order with an expired prescription?

Eyelation will not process an order with an expired prescription, nor do we allow users to designate their prescription. We must have a signed prescription from a doctor.  In the event that no expiration date was given on the prescription, the limit is 2 years from the date of exam.  There are no exceptions to our policy on expired prescriptions.


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