News and Updates

Eyelation’s Kiosk Improvements Make Corporate Rollouts Easier

October 13, 2015

 Eyelation is pleased to announce that its eyewear kiosk and benefit management solution is now even easier for companies to implement at their facilities. Since the first placement in 2011, Eyelation has provided companies with a modern approach to managing safety eyewear. Companies now have a benefit management and ordering solution that saves time and solves a complex problem in a simple way.

Increasing demand from large-scale, international companies needing a cohesive program made it imperative for Eyelation to be able to install faster and easier. Eyelation’s V3 kiosk model is now “plug-and-play,” eliminating the need for an installer. The kiosks ship fully assembled and are internet connected free of charge to Eyelation’s customers through its collaboration with a nationwide cellular company. Kiosks can be rolled off, plugged in, and ready for employees to start ordering within minutes. Employees can get their eyewear much faster, creating a safer work environment.

In the past, traditional programs could take up to a year to implement. The new kiosk enhancements allow for scalability, which will provide companies with a way to bring all of their locations online with Eyelation’s program in a very short span.

According to Eyelation’s founder and CEO, Brad Kirschner:
“The high demand for our kiosks meant we needed to find a way to make the installs quicker and easier. In most cases, the install can be done without the need to involve IT support from the customer. Companies simply plug in the kiosk and start ordering. The plug-and-play model means installing a kiosk is a no-brainer and installation possibilities are endless.”

New ArmouRx and ArtCraft Frames

September 21, 2015

We are pleased to announce that we have added new styles from ArmouRx and Art Craft frames to our standard frame collection.  The new styles were hand selected to offer a better selection for unique face shapes and sizes.

See our full frame selection here.

Redbox Co-Founder Joins Eyelation Team

August 25,  2015

 Eyelation announced today that Brian Rady has joined Eyelation as Chief Financial Officer. Brian Rady was a co-founder of Redbox and served as the financial leader for the business for the first six years. Over an eleven year period, he helped grow Redbox to over 44,000 kiosk and $2 billion in revenue.

“I’m excited to take on this new role at Eyelation. I see similarities between Eyelation today and the early years at Redbox. The Eyelation team has developed a more efficient kiosk solution which is changing an industry, while building key partnerships which will allow for fast and profitable growth,” says Brian.

Eyelation is a prescription eyewear kiosk company that was founded in 2009 with the first kiosk placed in 2011. Eyelation has since grown to 400 kiosks today with placements in companies across the US and Canada.

“We are thrilled to have Brian join our team. It’s amazing to see what the Redbox team was able to accomplish from the initial kiosk placements to the scale Redbox is today. I can’t imagine a better fit for our organization,” says Brad Kirschner, CEO of Eyelation.

Brad is proud of how Eyelation has revolutionized an entire safety eyewear industry. Brian’s experience with kiosks and his shared vision for Eyelation’s future will undoubtedly help accelerate Eyelation’s growth.

New UVEX SW12 Frame

August 13, 2015

Eyelation is pleased to announce that we now offer the UVEX SW12 in three color options – Black, Gray/Orange, and Black/Green.

The SW12 frame comes with a removable foam padded insert.

New UVEX SW10 Frame

September 12, 2014

Eyelation is pleased to announce that we now offer the UVEX SW10 in three color options – BLACK, CLEAR, and CAMO.

The SW10 is a full frame design with streamlined padded temples and a molded nosepiece for a secure, comfortable fit. The frames are also available in a 6 Base option which allows them to accomodate stronger prescriptions.

New Anti-Fog Lenses

July 22, 2014

Eyelation now offers anti-fog coating in the kiosk. Anti-fog coated lenses also include ultra-hard coating, making the lenses not only resistant to fog but also scratches!

How the Lens Works

Condensation on your glasses is a build up of water droplets on the lens surface.  The Anti-Fog coating we offer adds a hydrophilic top layer to the lens.  The Anti-Fog coating together with an activator cloth prevents fogging by spreading the condensation uniformly across the lens.  The activator cloth is usable for up to 3 months.  Orders for the Anti-Fog coating will be shipped with a set of 4 cloths.

An added bonus to this new coating is that it can also be used with an  Anti-Reflective coating which, in the past, has not always been compatible.  The coating CANNOT be applied to Lined Bifocals and cannot be used in combination with permanent tints.  It is however, compatible with Transitions™ Lenses.

Respirator Insert Module

July 9, 2014

Eyelation recently developed an insert module designed to let employees order prescription inserts at the kiosk.

The ordering process follows the same three steps as ordering safety glasses:

  • Take your photo
  • Scan your prescription
  • Order your insert

Multiple Languages Now Available in the Kiosk

May 21, 2014

Eyelation is happy to announce that today we are launching our new language selection utility! This allows the kiosk to be translated into additional languages. The kiosk will default to English, but if an employee would like to order using another language, they now have that option.

The employee can select the “Other Languages” button and then choose their preferred language from a list of options. Currently we have Spanish, French, Chinese, and Vietnamese available, but will be adding more in the future.